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Cutler's First Birthday // Vero Beach, FL

What a special day! As we made our way to our location to take photos, Cutler's parents, Chelsea and AJ, told me about what this location meant to them. Not only was it where AJ's grandparents call home; but this was the very location where they both said, "I Do." How sweet is that?! We got to take photos for Cutler's first birthday at the location where his parents got married. Ahhhh! My heart is melting!

What's even sweeter is that they're high school sweethearts and have been together for FOURTEEN YEARS!!! What?! It was truly an honor to photograph this beautiful couple (who are still in love if I might add) with their son at such a special, intimate location.

I also need to mention how happy and well-behaved Cutler was for the entire session. It's pretty typical for children to have a least a couple meltdowns during the course of the 60-90 minutes we are photographing. But not Cutler! He was all smiles:) Especially after digging into his first ever birthday cake. His smile is infectious. Looking at these photos I can't help but smile at little Cutler! That little man brings his parents so much joy!

AJ, Chelsea, and Cutler,

I am truly blessed by the love you have within your sweet little family. It shines through these photos! Little ones grow up so fast, and to be able to document this stage in Cutler's life was such a treasure. These memories are priceless and I hope the photos below are a reminder of that:)


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