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Vero Beach Personal Branding Session on Ocean Drive

You may recognize Tiffany from some of my older instagram posts! The first time she booked a session with me, we took family photos at a beautiful beach, not too far from the Vero Beach Disney Resort. I love getting to know my clients on a personal level, so I asked her questions about life as a new mom and what she does with the little free time she has; I mean #momlife. She told me that she is a consultant for the skin care line, Rodan + Fields. Towards the end of our session that day, she asked if we could schedule another session. This time she needed personal branding photos for social media. Our first personal branding shoot we held was at her home a few months ago. Her second personal branding shoot, which is the one on the blog today, we decided to take some photos near Ocean Drive in Vero Beach.

Our meeting spot was a cute little café that opened a few weeks ago called Vero Caffe. Before photographing we had to get us some coffee;) And let me tell you, this place is the real deal! I felt like we were transported to a local caffe in Italy.

After capturing some photos of Tiffany "working," as she enjoyed her espresso, we explored some outdoor areas along Ocean Drive. Looking for greenery and pops of color, we found some beautiful, beach-town locations to get some lifestyle portraits; including the Costa d'Este Beach Resort.

It was an adventure finding different backgrounds in a place that I walk by at least once a week and that has become so common to me. I had to approach this location like it was my first time visiting. To step out of my norm to find these beautiful, hidden backgrounds, you see in the photos below. It amazes me that we can walk past some of the most beautiful sceneries, yet not notice its beauty until we actually look for it. This session was a reminder for me to look for and see the beauty in everything!

Tiffany, I want to thank you for our joy-filled session! I can't tell you how excited I was to get to work with you for a third time. I'm so grateful for the conversations we have throughout our sessions, with both of us knowing what it's like to be small business owners. Your presence is simply an encourgement!

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