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Biesemeier Fam | Riomar and South Beach

Once again I am on here to brag about my amazingly beautiful clients. And by beautiful, I don't just mean outward beauty. The Biesemeier family have hearts of gold.

It is always an interesting experience when I get an inquiry from someone I don't personally know. Everything I know about them is based on our email correspondenses and/or their social media pages. Therefore, going into the session, I never quite know what to expect about my clients. Are they more adventurous? Are they looking for more candid photos? Will the children smile? All these questions race through my mind.

I feel the need to make a note that up until this point, practically every single client I have met has far exceeded my expectations, including the Biesemeier Fam;)

It has happened more than a few times that I have met clients the day of the session only to realize that we have met before. Which, if I am being honest, really isn't too surprising, considering how small Vero is.

When I introduced myself to Ashley, I instantly recognized her and her adorable daughter Reagan from a play group I had been to with the kids I sometimes babysit. I also found out that Ashley's husband, Nathan, is a flight instructor at a flight school that many of my friends attend, and that is the reason they moved here.

Small towns are the BEST. I know I say this all the time, but I love getting to hear people's stories and figuring out what connections we have!

Ashley, Nathan, and Reagan, thank you for letting me capture this season in your family's life. Sweet little Reagan did an amazing job braving the "cold" weather we had that day, and taking photos even as her teeth were chattering. My hope is that as you look back at these photos you will cherish each season of life that you share together. Hope to see you around town;)


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