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Schlitt Family Maternity Session

The Schlitt family is officialy outnumbered.

Would you be able to wait to hear the gender of your baby until they were born?

Well, that's what Brittany and Michael decided to do with their third child. I guess it makes sense after already having a girl and a boy. They already have the clothes and are prepared for both genders.

I have a special connection with the Schlitt Family. It was almost two years ago that I started helping Brittany and Michael take care of their two children (at the time), Lainey and Trace. So when she told me she was pregnant with her third and wanted me to take her maternity photos, I was over the moon.

Since taking these photos, Brittany has had her baby and..... IT'S A GIRL! Callie Rae Schlitt<3 And I am sure you all would agree, that this is one of the c u t e s t families you've ever seen. Lainey is beyond excited to have another little sibling and this time it's a girl. Meaning she gets to help mommy dress her in bows, dresses, and shower her with all things princess.

Schlitt Family, I am so happy for you guys and that your little one is here. Your family means the world to me. And adding another little princess to the family makes me excited beyond words.


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