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The Meeks Fam // Vero Beach, Florida

You know when you look out at a scenery and think, "this would make a perfect picture." Well guys, I caught it on camera this time, and IT WAS PERFECT!!!

I had the pleasure of getting to photograph at the property that the Meeks are currently building their future home on. And it was breathtaking to say the least. From the curve of the lake to the perfect placement of the rocks to the intense sun rays shining through the trees, it was the perfect scenery for this beautiful family of four.

LittleReed and Kade could not be more photogenic! I love that these photos display their personalities perfectly. Such a fun session!

I also just have to mention what amazing parents Kyle and Toni are to Reed and Kade. They were so uplifting and encouraging towards their kiddos, and let me tell you, as a photographer, affirmation is the quickest way to a smile:)

Meeks Fam, I had a blast during our session. I could not get over how good the kids were behind the camera! Not to mention, I got a killer workout from all the jumping and squatting I did to get Reed and Kade's attention;) Your family is so precious and I pray these photos are a blessing to you. You'll have to send me some photos when they are displayed in your new home!


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