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Tips To Help You Get Family Photos With Your Phone

Life is full of beautiful, memorable moments. Time really flies by, and it’s important to keep those family memories and cherish them forever. Big or small, here are some tips to capture the important moments with your family using your phone.

Use light to your favor

Just like in professional photography, the key to beautiful family pictures with your phone is making the best use of the available light. Natural light is best. If taking pictures outside, make use of indirect natural light since direct sunlight might cause harsh shadows and squints on your family’s faces. Photos taken with the sun behind your family, either before sunrise or before sunset will provide you with a three-dimensional and warm color palette that you can’t find any other hour of the day.

The self-timer is your friend

Underestimated but helpful, the self-timer will allow you to capture those beautiful memories with your family when you don’t have someone to help you behind the camera. Prop up your phone with an inexpensive tripod from Amazon or between a couple of books and set up the timer. If you have an iPhone (your Android may have this feature too), using the self-timer will allow you to capture your photos on burst mode which captures images at 10 frames per second every time the timer is switched on. 

Turn your phone sideways

You phone allows you to take either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) photos. Shooting in landscape allows you to capture more background, is better suited for scenery, group and family photos.

When to ask for help

Life gets hectic, there’s no way around that truth. When time is not enough, learning new tricks with your phone is not an option and you want beautiful, timeless memories encapsulated on photos, investing in a photographer is essential. 

Family sessions are one of my favorite sessions to shoot because special moments with your family are the ones that go by the fastest. I feel honored to be able to capture such beautiful moments in my clients lives that they will now remember forever. 

Contact me here so I can get to know you a little bit more and let me know what you're looking for. My hope is that as you look back at these photos you will cherish each season of life that you share together.


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