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2019 Christmas Mini Sessions | Vero Beach

One of the most festive memories I have as a kid was receiving Christmas cards in the mail and getting to hang them up on the fridge.

I loved seeing all the updated photos of family and friends, and reflecting on how much they've changed since the last time I saw them.

I was reading a Christmas book that my grandma got me a couple weeks ago and it talked about the origin of the first Christmas card. In the 1800s, a man by the name of Sir Henry Cole decided to come up with an easier way to stay in contact with friends and family during the holidays, and so began the concept of a Christmas card.

It was such a blessing to be able to capture family photos for the Burdick fam, the Callahan fam, and the Keppel Fam, and that they get to use these photos for Christmas cards and family updates to send to loved ones. I believe it is so important to stay in contact with those you love, and I love being a part of continuing the Christmas card tradition.

Thank you to the Burdicks, the Callahans, and the Keppels for such a fun day of mini sessions. You guys are why I love my job. I hope you and your loved ones cherish these photos forever, and that you can look back each Christmas to these photos and see how much your family has grown. Your families are so beautifully unique and special in their own ways. I feel so very honored to have had the opportunity to document this 2019 Christmas for each of you. You guys are the best! Merry Christmas!!!





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