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2019 Fall Mini Sessions | Peterson's Grove

What do you do when you want to take fall photos in Florida but the weather is in the upper eighties? You throw on the fall SWEATer and SWEAT it out. Literally.

If I am being a hundred percent honest, I was a little hesitant to do mini sessions this year. The main reason being that I love getting to connect with my clients and with a fifteen minute mini session, that seemed to me pretty hard to do. But I made the leap and thought I'd try it out. Boy, am I glad I did.

Although I would have loved to have more time with each family, the time I did have was so sweet. I got to meet so many new families and the session was quick enough to where there were no crying kids. Double bonus!

Everything went so smoothly. My clients are THE BEST! They all showed up at least fifteen minutes early and were ready to go when it was time for their session.

I knew that if I was going to do mini sessions that I wanted to do a giveaway. Because who doesn't love a good giveaway?

The winner of the giveaway ended up being a woman named Sofia. I contacted her, letting her know that she won the giveaway. And long story short, she ended up gifting the mini session to her brother, Isaac, and sister-in-law, Rachel. Sofia told me that Isaac and Rachel were coming up on their fifth anniversary and had never had professional photos taken in those five years of marriage.

It blessed me more than I can put into words that I got to gift a couple so deserving and in love with free photos.

The story gets even better!!!

Not long after the mini sessions I got a message from Sofia saying she got engaged and was looking for a wedding photographer. I met Sofia and Mike at Starbucks to get to know them a little better and show them what I offer for weddings. And it was at the meeting that she told me the reason she gifted the mini session to her brother; she wanted her next set of professional photos to be an engagment session!

Soooo, stay tuned, because Sofia and Mike's engagement session is scheduled for later this month!

It's funny how life works.

All that to say, I am a big fan of mini sessions now and I can't wait for Christmas minis!

I want to say a huge thank you to the Smith Family, the Callahan Family, the Taylor Family, and the Gobel Family! Each of you were amazing and made the day run so smoothly. You all have beautiful families and my hope is that your photos are more than just pictures on a screen. That they are a reminder of this season of your life. The joy of raising little ones and being married to your best friend. You may not be able to get this season back, but you can look back on these memories with gratitude and remember to be present with those whom you love.






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