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DiPietro Fam | St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park

Whenever someone asks me if I had a favorite teacher growing up, my mind immediately goes to my 10th grade math teacher, Mrs. Boney, who also happened to be my soccer coach. Why was she my favorite teacher? Because she made learning fun, took time to listen to me, and shared my love for soccer.

When I asked my little sister Hannah the same question, she would always answer, "Courtney DiPietro," which made me even more anxious to meet her after I received her inquiry for a family session. And I must say, she is everything Hannah said and more. Not only is she kindhearted and loving, but she is witty and will leave you bent over laughing to your core.

I admire those families that don't take life too seriously, and when the going gets tough, they believe laughter is the best medicine. And I certainly believe the DiPietro's to be that kind of family.

As you will see in the photos below, this family is always laughing and having fun.

Thank you DiPietro family for letting me capture the beauty and laughter within your family. Courtney and Brittany, you both are exceptional mothers and it brought me so much joy getting to see your sweet families interact. I hope these photos bless you as much as they did me!!!


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