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Haley + Travis | Indian River Engagement

I'm thrilled to have Haley and Travis on the blog today and to be sharing the photos from their engagement session.

From the moment I sat down at Starbucks with Haley I could tell she was in love. The way that she would light up when she talked about Travis is too beautiful to put into words. This meant even more when I learned that they have been together for over four years. FOUR YEARS! How incredible is that?

As I have gotten to know Haley and Travis more, I have seen why they love one another so much. For one, they work together extremely well! Marriage is about compromise and working as a team. So watching these two listen to one another and communicate so well was so sweet because I believe that is one of the key components to a successful relationship. They also both love being outdoors; especially Travis! One of the first things Haley told me about her fiancé was that he is ALWAYS outdoors. And I could tell this was true from their engagement session.

We rode around on their golf cart to a few different locations and at each spot Travis knew something about it. The dock we went to, he told me he actually helped build when he was younger (you can see it in the photos towards the end of this post). He also knew all about the weather and the kind of wind we had that day.

Side note: how cool is it that we got to drive around on a golf cart to get to all the locations?! So fun!

What also made this engagement session special was to hear that Haley had always dreamed of getting her engagement photos taken at these locations. She knew exactly where she wanted her photos taken and to be a part of making that happen for her was a gift.

Haley and Travis, you two have such a sweet relationship and you both compliment the other so well. A picture really is worth a thousand words and these photos encapsulate the genuine love you have for each other. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your dream engagement session and soon, your dream wedding. It's a dream for me as well! I pray that these photos are a blessings to you and your future marriage, and that you will be reminded of how much you love one another.


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