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Erika + John | Riverside Park Engagement

You know that couple that everyone wants to be like? The one where you can tell their love for one another only grows as the days go by. The one that supports one another and is proud to call each other their fiancé.

That's Erika and John. From the moment we met at Starbucks, I could tell that these two were perfect for each other. Erika would say something, and John would support her in it. John would say something, and Erika would agree.

And isn't that what marriage is all about. Supporting the one you love. When she asks her soon-to-be-husband how her hair looks for the photo, he tells her how beautiful she is. When he asks her what she thinks of his idea, she encourages him in it.

Doing everyday life with another human takes a lot of work. But if everyone started to follow Erika and John's example in supporting each other, I think we'd see a lot of marriages strengthen.

It's the little things.

As John was deciding what ring to get for his bride, he chose to go with the ring shaped like a tulip. Why a tulip? Because it was similar to a tattoo Erika had of a lily. (And this is where everyone says, "aaawwwwwww").

It's the little things that show you care!

Erika and John, thank you for showing the world, including your precious daughter, how to love one another well. You both are such fun, easy-going people that bring joy wherever you go. I'm honored that I get to document such a beautiful love story with two incredibly beautiful souls. Just think, this time next year, you both will be looking at your wedding photos!


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