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Riverside Park Engagement Session

Have you ever seen the movie, "27 Dresses"? In a nutshell, the main character named Jane loves weddings; so much so, that she is a bridesmaid for 27 different friends! Hence, the 27 dresses. She ends up finding the love of her life and all 27 of her friends end up being bridesmaids at her wedding.

Well, I feel like Laura is the real-life Jane. She hasn't been in quite that many weddings; however, she has been in almost all of her best friends' weddings. And NOW IT'S HER TURN!!! Now her friends get to stand alongside her on the most important day of her life. The day that she has so patiently waited for.

It's no wonder all of Laura's friends asked her to be in their wedding. Laura has the personality where you just can't help but want to be best friends with her. She loves her people well.

So how did Laura meet the love her life? Well Laura and Alex met at a campus outreach at the University of Kentucky called, "Cats for Christ." They soon became bests friends and started dating. Eventually, Laura moved to Vero Beach for Grad School, so they dated long distance. But over the summer while Laura was in the Bahamas for school, Alex surprised her and popped the question.

Getting a couple to smile in a session has never been easier than with these two! They're so in love and overflowing with joy!

Laura and Alex, you guys seriously make my heart leap with joy. You have given the world an incredible example of what it looks like to love your future spouse well and I cannot wait to capture the day you two tie the knot. Thank you for making my job so much fun!


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