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Sofia + Mike | St. Sebastian River State Park Engagement


If I had to describe Sofia and Mike with two words, it would be adventurous and joyful. And I will tell you why.

As a photographer on a portrait session, you are always hoping that your client will be up for an adventure. That they aren't afraid to walk through a field of tall grass to get that PERFECT SHOT. A field which most likely has snakes roaming around!

Well I am happy to say that Sofia and Mike were completely on board. And I am even happier to say that we did not run into any snakes getting that perfect shot.

Any time I would say something like, "what do you think about walking all the way over there past that muddy ditch, because the lighting is perfect, or how do you feel about lifting Sofia up to get a kissing shot even though your arms may feel like they are going to fall off?", they would say, "yeah, let's do it."

Not only were they up for everything I asked, but they were overjoyed to do it. Sofia has one of the most genuine smiles you will ever see and Mike can't help but grin from ear to ear everytime he lays eyes on his bride-to-be (as you can easily tell from the photos below).

It was a DREAM getting to photograph these two.

As our session was coming to an end, I asked them how wedding plans were coming along. They told me that they had much of their planning done: the dress, the photographer (that's me), the venue, and so many other details, and their wedding isn't until June!!!

I was blessed to hear that they shared my views about the importance of wedding photography. They both mentioned how they're pretty laid back people, but that the number one thing they were particular about was finding a photographer. And I am truly honored that they chose me!!!

Sofia & Mike, you both already know, because I have expressed it so many times, but I cannot wait to document the happiest day of your life. I'm smiling as I'm typing this because I can only imagine the joy that will fill that day. Joy for you two, but also for everyone who gets to witness the beginning of your new life together as husband and wife. Thank you for giving me the honor of being your photographer and for being so up for adventure on your engagement session!


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