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The Broder Fam | South Beach and Riverside Session

A beautiful day for a beautiful family.

You know when you are introduced to someone and all you are thinking is, "I know I have seen this person before. Where do I know them from?"

When Suzanne, David, and their daughter Michaela stepped out of the car and introduced themselves at the start of our session, that is exactly what I was thinking. It wasn't until halfway through our 90 minute session together that it hit me. We go to the same church and David helps with the parking ministry. Which, let me tell you, is very helpful when you are late and there are barely any spaces left.

It amazes me that we pass by so many people a day. At work. At school. The gym. We see certain people regularly. Like the front desk worker at the gym. Or the cashier at chick-fil-a. The person who finds me a parking place at church. We know what they look like. But we don't really know them personally. All this to say, I guess I'm just reminded of the beauty of getting to know the people you pass by daily. Even if it is just to introduce yourself and ask them a few questions about their life.

People crave connection with other people. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone just cared a little more about the random person they pass by everyday?

The Broder Family is one of a kind, in the best way possible. They kept me laughing for much of our time photographing. And I was so blessed by how excited Michaela was to take photos with just her and her dad, and with just her and her mom.

And can we just take a moment to talk about Michaela's stunning hair... Ahhhh, so beautiful!!!

Suzanne, David, and Michaela, thank you for going with the flow and switching locations after finding out our original location was taken over by a festival. You guys made me laugh so hard and it was such a blessing to see how you love one another. You have a lovely family and I appreciate you letting me be your photographer!


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