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Vero Beach Portrait Session by the Downtown Murals: Dale Hall

Where to begin? Let me just start off by saying, Dale is one of the funniest guys you will ever meet. Don't let the cool, serious look in these photos fool you, #modelstatus. He is constantly cracking jokes and making sure those around him have smiles on their faces. Side note: one thing that definitely put a smile on my face was our decision to meet at Taco Dive before our session; a cute little taco joint in downtown Vero Beach. Guac=Happiness.

Anyways, Dale chose Downtown Vero Beach as his location because he wanted to take photos by the newly painted murals. I have to say, this was new for me. My usual, go-to places for portrait sessions typically include lots of greenery or bodies of water. So it was a lot of fun stepping out of my norm and trying some "street" photography. It was quite the adventure trying to work our way around the cars parked in front of the murals to get a good shot. And we got our fair share of odd looks from the people-watchers. But the murals did create a unique, artistic dynamic to the images.

Dale was a trooper through the blazing, Florida heat. Not to mention, he was wearing a long sleeve flannel! YES! A flannel! In the summer! In Florida! Did I mention in the summer?! Also, a huge shoutout to Dale's girlfriend, Mel, who helped carry our belongings and hold the reflector! She even got a behind the scenes video of our session, which I posted on my Instagram B.T.S. highlight.

Dale, thank you for making my work not feel like work at all. The whole session was an adventure and I appreciate you being up for my slightly odd, out-of-the-box ideas!


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